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Internationalization at UoH:

The University Of Hyderabad accords high priority to the internationalization of its teaching and research programs.
For more than three decades, the University has been accepting students from several countries, including Iran, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal, Syria, Argentina, Tanzania, Yemen, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guyana, Uzbekistan and Japan, USA, many Nordic countries, Germany and France.
Under the National Education Policy 2020, one of the measures being proposed is the emphasis on internationalization, to raise the number of international students enrolled for full degree programs as well as short term programs. There is an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive review of our existing academic programs and find ways to incorporate new ideas from the policy. To strengthen these efforts, the Study in Program (SIP) office and the Office of International Affairs merged in 2021 into the “Office for International Affairs” under the UGC guidelines. We have a Director and an Associate Director for the OIA along with a management committee to guide and mentor the students while they are on campus.

Office for International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs was established in the 2009 to attract full time international students through Government of India programs such as ICCR, SII and self-financed direct admissions. The UoH’s vision, planning and processes embody the core values of National Needs–Global Standards, Innovation, Public Engagement and Social Impact. As a significant contributor to the nation’s knowledge economy, it offers enhanced knowledge services in diverse fields to produce global quality research, teaching and learning outcomes. Our mission is to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning by the example of its corporate life, and in particular to make special provisions for integrated courses in humanities and science in the educational programmes of the University. The OIA also develops Memorandums of Understanding with universities abroad, which has contributed to the internalization of the University over the years.

Study in Program (SIP)

The University of Hyderabad has been a pioneer in establishing this academic program called the Study in India program providing opportunities for international students to come for short term courses. Launched in 1998, it started off as an experimental summer program initiative, a flagship venture which is now recognized as the most successful study abroad program in the country. The unique aspect of SIP is that it caters to the students’ interests provided by the SIP faculty and program assistants. In some cases, programs are designed particularly for the concerned international students making it flexible. Short summer courses and semester programs are offered wherein the course credits are transferable to the Home Institution.

Apart from the above student initiatives, SIP has designed an innovative two-week long Faculty Development Seminar for University and college teachers which enables them to learn not just about Indian Culture and History but also about the advancements made in the fields of Science & Technology. This is to better prepare them for teaching South Asia related courses in their own institutions. SIP has thus been responsive to the varying needs and challenges of International Education, and designed curricula and courses that are in keeping with these broader trends, and with the evolving requirements of particular institutions.